Located at Lot 2, Chen Hua Road at southwestern Sheshan Town of Songjiang District in Shanghai, Shanghai Shimao Wonderland sits in the Sheshan National Forest Resort Area between Tianmashan Hill and Hengshan Hill. To its east, west, north and south are the river bank, Heng Shan Tang, farmland and Chen Hua Road respectively. It is the first large-scale theme project integrating residential, hospitality, leisure and entertainment elements in China.

The project has a site area of 428,200 m2 and a total planned area of 372,000 m2. The unique five-star quarry hotel demonstrates brilliant creativity by blending extreme sports with quality service. With the interesting contrast of virtuality and reality, and the confrontation of movement and stillness, guests are amused by the underwater restaurant and guestrooms with spectacular views. Coupled with the idyllic surroundings, guests are able to cast aside all worries. The vibrant Experience Center offers new entertainment and relaxing experiences with its unique commercial-and-entertainment business mix. Striving to provide unconventional leisure and entertainment experiences, the center houses exhilarating amusement facilities and organizes incredible underwater journeys to meet every wish for excitement in this tranquil heaven.

Embodying both vibrancy and serenity, the project features a magical and lively atmosphere, and perfectly meets the demand of city dwellers for a relaxing weekend outing, leisure trip and exciting theme park.

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